Making your own edibles isn’t always an easy task: you can’t simply add flowers to your flour and call it a day. Often, it takes patience and know-how (but, hey, that’s why Al Gore invented the internet in the first place). Still, whether you’re interested in making brownies or biscuits or a zesty Italian cream sauce with a little more zing, you need your main ingredient: so, which strains do you use? Some may be better than others.

Sativa Strains versus Indica Strains

Anyone who’s compared and contrasted ingesting an edible versus smoking a bowl knows that the high is very different: nine out of ten stoners agree that oral ingestion is a more powerful experience. It lasts longer too and is often described as fuller-bodied.This may or may not be super awesome, depending on whether you’re preparing a formal dinner for your in-laws later that evening. It might also not be accurate: just like some people find that tequila makes their clothes fall off, pot affects everyone differently.

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