Pineapple Jack

Pineapple Jack

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Pineapple Jack is a mostly sativa cannabis strain whose Jack Herer and Pineapple genetics collide, combining their soaring, blissful effects in unison. Tropical fruit and citrus flavors meet the earthy, piney taste of Jack Herer in an unusual pairing of island and tundra aromas. Weightless euphoria lifts the spirits, helping you keep your chin held high amidst stress and depression while still leaving you feeling active and productive.



Great for energetic daytime activities, this tasty strain is super popular in California with some mysterious roots. Pineapple Jack is the offspring of Pineapple and Jack Herer, bringing a 50/50 blend to the table with moderate amounts of THC. Many love its ability to keep you focused and positive no matter what’s going on around you. Pineapple Jack is a great smoke for users of all experience levels, with a range of 16% to 20% THC. While it’s not especially hard-hitting, it still does the trick for a variety of medical symptoms and offers recreational users an enjoyable experience. Very dense and shiny nugs smell pungent, with notes of pineapple, citrus, and general sweetness. Flavors tend to be a bit on the stronger side, with many of the same fruit flavors coming through, but mixing with a skunky, earthy, and piney type of taste. Some find the fruit flavors to enhance the experience while others think it takes away from the overall strain.

If you’re looking for a powerful high, Pineapple Jack will leave you wanting more. A subtle and positive strain, many note its effects as absolutely blissful. Users find a clear-headed high with bursts of productivity, creativity, and focus, allowing this to be the perfect mid-workday boost. Nervous to talk in front of crowds or need something to loosen you up for a party? Pineapple Jack will have you talking a ton with a happy and uplifted vibe.

Individuals who use marijuana for medicinal purposes also enjoy this strain, though it’s not one of the best choices for relief from chronic and severe pain. Rather, it helps with mental health like stress, anxiety, and depression, as well as mild issues like headaches or occasional body pain. Those who are prone to irritability or even PMS will get much-needed relief from Pineapple Jack. Another perk of Pineapple Jack? A huge number of people swear by its aphrodisiac qualities, claiming that it enhances one’s libido and makes for a great bit of nighttime fun.

Pineapple Jack cooperates in most growing environments, making it easy for novices to enjoy this strain at home. It flourishes in warmer outdoor climates and can grow to average heights after its 8 to 9 week flowering cycle. Resistant to mold and mildew, it will yield a supply you’ll be pleased with. Those who are sensitive to weed or who just need a mellow hit of enjoyment will find Pineapple Jack ideal. It’s great for social situations or for concentrating on a big project and can help your stress and worry fade away at the end of the day. Remember, people love it as an aphrodisiac, so you may end up having a really enjoyable night!

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