When you’re out and about, it’s sometimes best to keep your cannabis consumption on the down low. We understand the need for a small, discreet method of inhalation that is similar in effect, yet worlds away in conspicuity, from a smoky joint, gaudy pipe, or heavy dab rig.

Below, we list the most discreet portable vaporizers and vape pens on the market. They provide a quick and easy hit without attracting the stares of passersby, so you can consume your cannabis products in peace.

Don’t see your favorites on the list? Chime in with your own vape pen picks in the comments section!

Linx Vapor – Ares

The Linx Vapor Ares portable extract vaporizer looks like a simple pen you’d see lying around the office. This extra discreet device requires no loading, and you can even wear it in your shirt pocket without anyone being any the wiser.


Magic Flight – Muad Dib Concentrate Kit

The Magic Flight Muad Dib portable vaporizer doesn’t look like a traditional vape, which is what makes it all the more effective in hiding your cannabis consumption. This little wooden steampunk-style contraption, crafted from walnut and outfitted with golden accents, fits easily into the palm of your hand, hiding in plain sight.




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