Any avid dabber knows the benefit of a quality dab mat to keep your stash in check and create the perfect space for all your dabbing essentials. And as dabbing continues to take over the cannabis market, there’s been an uptick in creative dab mats boasting colorful art and unique shapes.

Dab Buddy Portable Dab Mat by WaxxCooler

An out-of-the-box take on the typical dab mat, the Dab Buddy Portable Dab Mat from WaxxCooler kicks your dabbing accessories up a notch (literally) with its intriguing shape. Complete with elevation grips to keep your dab tool off the table, this mat is both compact and user-friendly.

KGB Vanilla Donut Mat by KGB Glass

Craving something sweet? Check out KGB Glass’s positively delicious Vanilla Donut Dab Mat. It’s a feast for the eyes and the perfect match to a relaxing dose of Vanilla Kush.

Buzz Trooper Silicone Mat by Cloud Culture

Just like in the cannabis world, Star Wars has a huge fan base and dedicated following. Celebrate your love for this explosive franchise with the Buzz Trooper Silicone Dab Mat, and don’t forget to pick up some Skywalker OG to complete the session.

Silicone Dab Tray by Mile High Glass Pipes

This 8” X 8” Silicone Dab Tray from Mile High Glass Pipes will hold everything you need from dabbing tools to your favorite rig. The raised sides take extra care in containing your dab gear, so you know nothing will roll off the table or get knocked off the counter.

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